Privacy Policy

MMF Software Developers LLC has no interest in your private information, or your public information! We will not use, sell, or distribute any information you provide through the website, through purchasing, or when contacting our helpdesk.

Our website does not use Cookies or any other method of collecting information while you browse. We are not partnered with any ad companies nor will we attempt to glean any information through nefarious practices.

Our purchases are completely processed by PayPal and so we never store or save your personal information on our servers. Please refer to PayPal's website for their privacy statement. Paypal will store your contact information along with purchase details for our sales tracking and tax purposes. This information will never be recorded or distributed by us and will be used as described above as well as to re-issue licenses that purchasers may have lost.

If you contact us by email, through the website, or through our application's Feedback form and provide your email address we will only use it to respond to your specific inquiry. We will not contact you in an unsolicited manner and we will not sell your email address or any details you provide to any person or agency.