Only $9.95!

Desktop Scissors is an efficient and user friendly tool for analysis, review, and presentation development. Anyone with the need to simultaneously view multiple applications on a computer screen while manipulating another application needs Desktop Scissors. It increases the ease with which one can manage multiple windows while providing for quick and easy image or text manipulation in all programs.
Screen Capture Functions Microsoft Snipping Tool Snagit Other Competitors Desktop Scissors
Capture always at the forefront of your screen *
Instant Capture Shortcut (ctrl + d) *
Always running without hogging resources *
Window is always exactly the same size as capture with no wasted space *
Capture anything on your screen at any time * * * *
Functions across multiple monitors *
Copy and Paste captures * * * *
Instantly Email with a simple copy and paste *
Capture Printing * * * *
Save captures in six common formats * * * *
Tabbed capturing to reduce window clutter *
Hide window borders to build collages *
Stretch and Shrink captures with the click of a mouse *
Edit captures instantly in your favorite image editor *
Make your company GREEN by using Desktop Scissors today! Have you every had to take notes while working on your computer? With Desktop Scissors you can capture any idea, address, or image with the click of a mouse!